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When is Fathers Day 2018 Date | Calendar | Worldwide Celebration

Fathers Day 2018 – Father is the only person in our life who nurture and cares not only his children’s but also the entire family. Unlike other important days, Fathers Day did not originate on a single particular day but carries age-old history behind its origin and popularity. Thus it is one of the most significant and important days which is celebrated by each and every citizen of the world. In this modern world, Fathers Day is as eminent to that of the Mothers Day. We as a child understand the eternal love of our beloved mother, but it is the love of Fathers that often goes unnoticed. It is the day to acknowledge the pure and unbiased love he has poured upon his family throughout his life.

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

It is important to celebrate the Fathers Day because through this day we can show our gratitude, respect, and love towards him for all the pleasure and happiness he has showered upon us. It is the best time to acknowledge his sacrifices, struggles he has made and also all those sleepless nights he has spent to make our dreams come true. Today for many of us he is a role model, and we as a child at every point of life try to imitate his actions and behavior to become a successful and responsible person in a life. Today Father is not just termed as a member of a family but he is also the supporting backbone and a strong pillar that holds the family together at every crucial moment.

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When is Fathers Day 2018 Date

Across the globe, Fathers Day has gathered immense importance celebrated with great enthusiasm every year on 3rd Sunday in the month of June. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the USA. So, if you are looking for When is Fathers Day This Year and Fathers Day 2018 Date then we would like to inform you that 17th of June is the date when Fathers Day 2018 will be celebrated in the USA. The common traditional celebration involves Children buying gift items, making cards, planning for a picnic, holiday spot. But different countries across the globe have different dates and months for Fathers Day Celebrations.

Countries like South Africa, Netherlands, US, UK, Cyprus, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Canada enjoy Fathers Day celebration in the month of June. Australia, Fiji, New Guinea, Papua and New Zealand people celebrate Fathers Day in the mid of the year i.e in the month of September. Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal commemorate Fathers during the summer season on 19th March every year. Some countries like Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Iceland celebrate the day in the month of November on Second Sunday.

In Bulgaria, Fathers Day is celebrated on 26th December which is also known as the Boxing Day in the country.

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Fathers Day 2018, 2019 Calendar

Nowadays Fathers Day have also marked as one of the significant and important family event, where people from across the world eagerly wait for the day to arrive. As the day falls on different dates every year, to avoid confusion, we have come across with the exact dates along with the Calendar event for the upcoming years like Fathers Day 2018, 2019 Dates.

Date Day
Memorial Day 2017 18 June 2017 Sunday
Memorial Day 2018 17 June 2018 Sunday
Memorial Day 2019 16 June 2018 Sunday
Memorial Day 2020 21 June 2018 Sunday

Fathers Day Worldwide Celebration

The common traditional Fathers Day celebration involves children’s buying gift items, making cards, planning for a picnic, holiday spot and doing something different and interesting activities to please and show love to Fathers. While in this common tradition all over the world, some countries have combined their age-old customs with the new ones. Below we have shared some of the Fathers Day Worldwide Celebration.

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  1. Fathers Day 2018 In France: It is evolved from Military Commemoration and till date, this European Country celebrates not only Fathers but all men in the society on this particular day.
  2. Fathers Day 2018 In Thailand: the day is celebrated on the birthday of their beloved king Bhumibol Adulyadej, where people offer canna flower, a flower which is associated with masculinity to their fathers and grandfathers as a part of their age-old traditions.
  3. Fathers Day 2018 in Mexico: Mexican People Play Music, Dance and pick out some excellent gifts for their fathers. Also in some parts of Mexico City, an annual race of 21 kilometers is organized every year.
  4. Fathers Day 2018 in Brazil: Brazilians celebrate the holiday by honoring St. Joachim who is the father of St. Mary.
  5. Fathers Day 2018 in Germany: Germans enjoy Fathers Day with different adventurous and exhilarating activities mainly consisting of hiking and also consuming alcohol and delicious foods.
  6. Fathers Day 2018 in USA & India: Indians and US citizens do have the same practice to celebrate the favorite Fathers Day by hosting lavish parties and family get together.
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